5 Products For Doggie Fun in the Sun This Summer

Summer is here, and many dog owners are bringing their precious pooches with them as the brave the great outdoors. Spending time outside in the summer is an excellent way for your pet, and you, to get the exercise needed to stay healthy. However, hiking, camping, and playing in the sun requires preparation to ensure your pet enjoys their time in nature's glory. Here are five products you can get from UKUSCAdoggie that will help your dog enjoy fun in the sun this summer.

Adventure Boots for Dogs

Hiking is an excellent way for dog owners to get their pets out for exercise without taking the same old dog trails. Hiking in the forest is exciting for dogs because there are many unusual new smells in a forest full of life. It's vital for pet owners to protect the paws of their dogs when taking them hiking in a location that isn't groomed for pet walking, like a hiker's trail. These paths have sharp debris that can damage a dog's paws, especially if they usually walk on smooth surfaces like floors and lawns. UKUSCAdoggie sells Adventure Boots for Dogs which are lightweight paw protectors that let you bring your dog with you, wherever the trail may lead. 

Cooling Safety Vest

Excessive heat is as harmful to dogs as it is for humans. It’s vital for pet owners to keep their canine companions cool during the dog days of summer. UKUSCAdoggie sells several cooling vests that can help lower your pet's body temperature during the hottest part of the day. Cooling vests use the same principles that allow sweat to help humans remove heat. The jacket contains a special layer of fabric that absorbs and locks in water. As the moisture evaporates over time, some of the dog's excess body heat goes with it. These items are an easy way to make a pet more comfortable during the summer. 

Sunscreen for Dogs

As the name suggests, sunscreen for dogs protects dogs from sunburns. Many pet owners may not realize that such protection is necessary. However, as the American Kennel Club explains, "Just like people, canine companions are prone to sunburn and to other complications and diseases associated with sun exposure. Taking certain safety measures can lower your dog's risk of developing serious sun-related medical issues." UKUSCAdoggie sells several sunscreens for dogs that owners can use to protect their pet's skin. For example, we have a roll-on sunscreen stick and a spray-on sunscreen for pets.

Life Jackets for Dogs

If you plan on bringing your dog on a boat or a trip to the lake, you should buy a life jacket to save your pet if they fall into the water. These life jackets are designed not to hinder the dog if they're in the water and ensures they are floating in a safe position. UKUSCAdoggie has multiple options for a life jacket for dogs. We have a patriotic American flag doggy life jacket, as well as a blue, water adventure life jacket. Search our store to find the life jacket that best meets the needs of you and your pet.  

Doggy Camping Gear

Dogs love a good camping trip. They get to spend time with their favorite people while playing in the great outdoors. To help your pet enjoy camping as much as you do, it helps to bring gear that can keep them comfortable during the trip. UKUSCAdoggie has many products that are perfect for pet campers. In the outdoor section of our store, you can find a to-go food and water bowls, a shade canopy for dogs, and even tiny sleeping bags for dogs.   


UKUSCAdoggie has everything you need for your pet to enjoy fun in the sun this summer. Send us a message online if you have questions about the products we sell or you need help looking for something specific.

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