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Daniel Makara

We've all come across those who would have you believe that rescue dogs come with "problems" and that if any issues arise, then it's quite alright to take them back to the shelter. Indeed, they might exhibit behaviors that need to be addressed, but before you race back to the shelter and possibly condemn the poor doggie, consider hiring a professional dog trainer who will most certainly be able to turn the situation around.

UKUSCAdoggie is proud to partner with Daniel Makara of Rockstar Dog Training. Daniel provides Dog Training in Cleveland offering professional dog training and behavioral problem solving for dogs of all ages, breeds and temperaments. There is no dog that is too much for Daniel to handle. If you've been told to just "deal with it" or even worse, been told your dog needs to be put down, get in touch with Daniel first. At an initial in-home consultation, he will provide you with a personalized, specially tailored training plan and solutions to fit your dog, and once training goals are established, he will work with you until they're achieved! No ifs, ands or buts about it! Using reward-based training to build your dog's confidence, setting him up for success, Rockstar Dog Training will never give up on your doggie and neither should you! There are no bad dogs out there, just some who need a little extra guidance.

Daniel's company also offers puppy obedience training and is more than happy to help your dog adjust to a new pet or newborn being brought into the family. Whatever your needs, when it comes to your beloved pooch, this great company can help.

Consider adoption - there's really no reason not to, and remember, you may not change the world by saving one dog, but for that dog the world will change forever!

You can reach Daniel at and be sure to check out his informative blogs which we will be featuring regularly.

Born in Huntington, West Virginia, Daniel has lived in Cleveland since 2007. His passion for dogs began in high school when he began to participate in a number of rescue outreach and volunteer programs for local shelters. He took a special interest in dogs that were in danger of being euthanized due to behavior problems. As he got to know these dogs, he soon realized that they didn't suffer from personality disorders, but rather behavior problems which could easily be rectified. He therefore took it upon himself to work with the dogs and ultimately saw many of them find wonderful adoptive homes. 

Daniel furthered his education through Canine Trade Group taking canine certification courses which provided him with a solid background in canine psychology, history, training theory and methodology. In completing this valuable training, he received more hands-on experience, working again with troubled dogs desperately in need of forever homes.

Daniel continues to volunteer his services to dogs in need, while using his role at Rockstar Dog Training to help dogs already in homes, stay there.



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