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Why UKUSCAdoggie?

At UKUSCAdoggie, we're a little different! We have everyday pet necessities with a touch of the unique! Whether you're looking for the perfect collar, leash, treat or toy, you're sure to find exactly what you need to keep your pet happy and safe. Passionate about rescue, we support the rescue community's efforts to find forever homes for dogs and cats everywhere! Choose UKUSCAdoggie for all your pet needs and experience customer service that really goes above and beyond!

We donate 10% of all sales to local pet charities


Keeping cool with all that fur can be a real challenge, that's for sure, but we've got just what you need! First of all, and most importantly, there's a nice tasty treat - Puppy Scoops Ice Cream for Dogs is sure to be a big hit as temperatures soar! Then, check out Hurtta's great Cooling Vest - perfect for those sweltering walks. Keep cool at bedtime too with Bowser's wonderful Memory Foam Cooling Pet Bed!