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Sleeping Bag for Dogs



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We love this great line of fun, functional products from Alcott™! Comfort and safety is paramount and ordinary daily walks turn into great adventures! Whether you and your dog prefer land or water adventures, you can be sure that this wonderful company will make them memorable!

The company is full of thrill seekers, trail walkers and globetrotting dog owners, so they know just how much having a dog by your side adds to the fun!

Just in time for your next camping trip, here's a great sleeping bag just for dogs! Fun and functional with plenty of room to snuggle up, the vibrant green bag features a waterproof black base with black trim and a grey interior.

Easy to get your pet in and out, the top of the bag can be unzipped almost all the way and you can also lie it flat and use as a pad or blanket. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, the bag rolls up easily and comes with a matching travel bag. When the adventure's over, simply toss in your washing machine!

Product Dimensions:

Please note that in order to get the rolled dimensions, the manufacturer folded the sleeping bag in half and then rolled the bag into the travel sack.  It was not compressed or any air squeezed out, but you could do that to fit into a smaller container.


Open/Laid Flat: 20" Wide x 32" Long

Rolled: 10" Tall x 6" Diameter x 18" Circumference

Weight: 13.10 oz


Open/Laid Flat: 24" Wide x 38" Long

Rolled: 12" Tall x 7" Diameter x 22" Circumference

Weight: 19.54 oz


Open/Laid Flat: 28" Wide x 42" Long

Rolled: 14" Tall x 7" Diameter x 22" Circumference

Weight: 24.26 oz

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