Is Your Pooch Ready for Summer?

It's the dog days of summer, and if you're like most proud pet owners, you're taking your canine friend all over the place with you in this sweltering heat. Every day is an adventure! Your dog may like to travel, but is he or she prepared?

How is your dog doing this summer? Do you have all of the gear that helps make these hot days more bearable?

Here are some products we've been selling to help dogs with the summer sun and heat.

Blue Cooling Safety Vest

For around $20, you can get various sizes of cooling safety vests for your dog's body. These vests are designed and conditioned to fit and help your dog out with the summer elements.

When your pup is running around in the hot sun, he or she can get significantly heated and perhaps dehydrated. When you see a lot of panting or some lethargy, it's a good idea to stop and seek shade. The cooling vests can help with the strain of a lot of activity in the sun.

Doggy Sun Stick

Yes, we know, in the old days, dogs did not use sunscreen. People didn't either.

Although some people scoff at the idea that you should put sunscreen on your dog, there are some situations where this tends to make a lot of sense. If you have shaved areas of your dog's body, those areas can be particularly susceptible to sunburn. Your dog will thank you for applying a little sunblock to these areas. Read up on why dogs can benefit from sunscreen to help shield them from harmful UV rays. This sun stick is one of the products that we have found to be most effective.

Inflatable Doggy Pools

If you don't have a large installed pool in your backyard, you may have one of those small inflatable or plastic pools for your kids to splash in. Our Mariner dog pool does the same for your pup, offering a little bit of cold water for a refreshing summer activity.

Clickit Sport Harness

Whether you're going kayaking, swimming, fishing, to the store, to a relative's house or anywhere else, it's a great idea to have an effective safety harness in your vehicle. The Clickit safety harness is one of our top picks. Its versatile design keeps your dog safe in the car.

Take a look at these and other products on the website to get outfitted with everything that your dog needs for the rest of this season, and bookmark the site as we come up with additional discounts, sales and offers for our regular customers. Keep your dog feeling good this summer!

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