• Pink Pineapple Non-Skid Dog Socks will protect  sensitive paws
  • Pink Pineapple Non-Skid Dog Socks with cute yellow pineapples
  • Pink Pineapple Non-Skid Dog Socks will stop your dog from slipping around

Pink Pineapple Non-Skid Dog Socks

Doggie Design Inc.


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  • Small
  • Medium
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Not just for keeping your dog's tootsies warm on those chilly days and nights, Doggie Design's Pink Pineapple Non-Skid Dog Socks are perfect for protecting dogs' feet, and are particularly useful for dogs with allergies or sensitive paws. They're also the perfect solution for dogs who have injured their paws. 

Made from 100% cotton, these beautiful non-skid dog socks are available in four great patterns - Blue and Green Argyle, Green Camo, Pink Pineapple and Pink and White Hearts.

Made from a lovely soft cotton, the socks feature an anti-slip dog sole, especially designed for dogs. The socks are great for all kinds of slippery surfaces and they'll do a good job of protecting your hardwood floors from your dog's nails. Easy to clean, they are machine washable, but we recommend line drying them to avoid shrinkage.

Please note that it's a good idea to clip your dog's claws before they wear the socks and it might take your best friend a little while to get used to them. A favorite toy or treat might work well as a distraction.

The socks are available in the following sizes:

Size Length Width
XS 3" 1-3/4"
S 3-5/8" 2"
M 4-3/4" 2-1/4"
L 5-1/2" 2-1/2"

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