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Peach Fair Isle Dog Sweater

Chilly Dog


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It's so important to make sure your dog is nice and warm during the winter months. Dogs with longer hair should not be shaved, as their coat offers considerable warmth, but spare a thought for short-haired dogs with no such protection. Experts suggest that you consider a coat or sweater with either a high collar or turtleneck. You should aim to cover your dog from the base of his tail to his belly. They also stress that if your dog needs a bath, you should make sure he is completely dry before heading out on the trail - you definitely want to avoid a trip to the vet when he catches a chill! Finally, it is never a good idea to leave your dog alone in a car in the winter. During cold weather, a car can quickly turn into a refrigerator and cause your pet to freeze.

Handmade in accordance with Fair Trade guidelines, Chilly Dog Sweaters are a beautiful way of making sure your furry best friend doesn't feel the cold when temperatures dip. Eco-friendly, the sweaters are made from organic wool and all natural plant dyes.

The Peach Fair Isle Dog Sweater makes a great fashion statement, while offering great protection against cold.

Please note that since the sweater is handmade, it may vary slightly in color and style.

Available in two sizes, as follows:

Size Length of Sweater
Small 15"-17"
Large 23"-25"


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