• PawZ Dog Boots
  • PawZ Dog Boots
  • PawZ Dog Boots
  • PawZ Dog Boots
  • PawZ Dog Boots
  • PawZ Dog Boots

PawZ Dog Boots

PawZ Dog Boots


Size and Color:
  • Tiny - Lime Green
  • Tiny - Black
  • XXS - Yellow
  • XXS - Black
  • XS - Orange
  • XS - Black
  • Small - Red
  • Small - Black
  • Medium - Blue
  • Medium - Black
  • Large - Purple
  • Large - Black
  • XL - Black

10% of Profits Go to Our Rescue Partners!

It's pouring with rain and your doggie is really reluctant to go walkies and get his paws wet....why not get him some lovely PawZ Dog Boots to keep him nice and dry!

PawZ Dog Boots are the only disposable boots on the market, so no more worrying about losing one of those much more expensive versions. Made from natural rubber, they are 100% biodegradable, and they'll keep your doggie looking stylish while protecting his paws from the elements.

The boots are really easy to put on and there are no zippers or straps to contend with.They move with your dog allowing full paw motion, and with no padding, he will be able to feel the ground, making him feel nice and secure.

The boots come 12 to a pack and may be worn many times. They're available in the following sizes and colors:

Tiny (fits paws up to 1") - Lime Green or Black

XXS (up to 1.5") - Yellow or Black

XS (up to 2") - Orange or Black

Small (up to 2.5") - Red or Black

Medium (up to 3") - Blue or Black

Large (up to 4") - Purple or Black

XL (up to 5") - Black



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