Dog wears the Halti Optifit Head Collar

HALTI Optifit Dog Head Collar

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10% of Profits Go to Our Rescue Partners! Based out of New York City, Zippy Dynamics™ aims to provide man's best friend with a combination of style, comfort and protection, and the company's patented line of dog clothing certainly does just that! Made from the highest quality materials, you'll definitely be impressed by Zippy Dynamics™ originality and innovation when it comes to doggie fashion!

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World renowned animal psychologist, Dr Roger Mudford, founded The Company of Animals in the UK in 1979. The company's mission is to improve animal welfare and to develop products that help pets and their owners lead an enriched life.

Make dog walking and training a much more pleasant experience with the company's Halti Optifit Head Collar. This premium collar's innovative design makes all that pulling a thing of the past, as it offers a gentle solution to steering your dog's head in the direction you wish him to go. 

When he's wearing the head collar, you can be sure that no metal parts will come into contact with your dog's skin and you will be steering him from an area down his nose, nowhere near his eyes. Easy to achieve a perfect fit whatever your dog's nose size, the collar features internal padding with a self-adjusting chin strap and reflective cheek straps, all designed to ensure optimal comfort. There's also a safety loop that connects to your dog's regular collar. This means that if the head collar accidentally slips off, your dog won't be racing down the road with you running after him.


  • Premium dog head collar gently reduces pulling
  • Internal padding for comfort
  • Self-adjusting chin strap
  • Reflective cheek straps
  • Safety loop connects to regular collar
  • Dual interlocking buckle for added safety
  • Currently available in small size, as follows: 
Size Dimensions
Small 11.8"-23.5"