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Go Go Gecko Adjustable Dog Collar



  • 1/2" W x 6"-9" L
  • 1/2" W x 8"-12" L
  • 1/2" W x 10"-16" L
  • 3/4" W x 9"-14" L
  • 3/4" W x 13"-22" L
  • 3/4" W x 15"-25" L
  • 1" W x 12"-20" L
  • 1" W x 16"-28" L

10% of Profits Go to Our Rescue Partners!

LupinePet® has been proudly building top quality innovative dog collars, leashes, and harnesses since 1990. Based in New Hampshire, the company began with their three founders committing to three basic principles - doing one thing really well, that is making the best products they possibly could, insisting on improving the quality and service they offered, and giving back to friends and neighbors, whether they had two legs or four!

Pretty much unheard of in the industry, LupinePet® guarantees that they will take back a product, even if it has been chewed! 

The best selling Go Go Gecko Adjustable Dog Collar is part of the company's Originals Collection, featuring Jacquard woven nylon. Built to last, this beautifully patterned nylon collar is sure to get you and your dog noticed at the dog park. 

Fully adjustable, the collar features a solid welded D-ring and a heavy duty side release clasp. It is available in three different widths which come in a variety of adjustable lengths, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your dog, no matter his size.  

If you're a little partial to these cute little geckos, why not pair the collar with the matching leash or treat your dog to a Go Go Gecko harness? 

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