Collars and Leashes

UKUSCAdoggie has a wide range of dog collars and leashes - whether you’d like a simple nylon or hemp collar, a leather one, or perhaps one especially designed for your pup, we have you covered! Your dog’s safety and comfort is important so be sure his collar is the perfect fit - if you can fit two fingers underneath it, then you’ve got it right! A martingale collar is a good idea if your dog slips out of a regular collar or pulls on his leash.

Then you’ll need a leash! Be sure to think about the activities you’re planning before choosing one. A standard 6 ft leather or nylon leash may be great for shorter walks and practicing basic obedience, but you may need something different for other activities. Retractable leashes are excellent if you have space for your dog to run and are useful for leash training a puppy. These leashes are not the best choice, however, to keep your dog under control. For a dog who has a tendency to lunge, for example, a better choice would be a shorter leash with a no-slip grip handle.  When considering materials, remember leather is not the best choice if your dog will be around water. Generally, the bigger your dog, the wider his leash should be, and don’t forget a reflective collar and leash for those night walks!


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