Travelling with your doggie can be so much fun but make sure you’re prepared for every eventuality! 

For a road trip, protect your car’s interior with a car seat cover. Besides making your upholstery dirty, dog claws can scratch leather and pull fabric and you definitely want to avoid having to remove all that excess fur when you get back from your trip!  

When it comes to car safety, UKUSCAdoggie is proud to offer our customers the best options currently available - the Sleepypod's Utility Clickit Harness and the new Clickit Sport. Check out the latest crash test results and you'll agree - there is just no alternative. Also extremely well-regarded, the Roadie is a great choice for doggies who are difficult to fit. We also offer dog car seats, travel crates and dog guards, so whichever way you decide to secure your pooch, we have you covered! 

For those of you planning a flight with Fido, we carry a selection of airline approved carriers especially designed so that he can comfortably accompany you.

Everything for the doggie traveler!


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