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  • “Duffy’s World” by Faith McCune
  • “Duffy’s World” by Faith McCune

“Duffy’s World” by Faith McCune


Have you ever looked at your doggie and wondered just what he was thinking? This beautifully written memoir by Faith McCune will definitely shed some light on the subject and should be required reading for every dog owner!

Part memoir, part dog owner's manual, "Duffy's World" is narrated from a dog's point of view. Duffy, an Australian Shepherd, who often gets himself into trouble, reveals his thoughts on all kinds of doggie events - dealing with the vet, acquiring a sister kitty, finding "treats" in his yard and many others. As Duffy's owner, Faith McCune offers her own perspective and readers are sure to recognize the many joys and challenges that go with the territory of the human/canine relationship.

A free downloadable book comes with the purchase of each book. "Duffy's World, 151 Tips for Raising Your Puppy" is a guide designed to help owners pick the right dog for their lifestyle - so important!

This highly acclaimed book would definitely be the perfect gift for any dog lover!

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