• Chesapeake Bay Harness
  • Chesapeake Bay Harness
  • Chesapeake Bay Harness
  • Chesapeake Bay Harness
  • Chesapeake Bay Harness

Chesapeake Bay Harness



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The perfect accompaniment to outdoor activities with your dog, BAYDOG's best-selling Chesapeake Bay Harness ticks all the boxes as you head out on your next adventure!

Easy to put on and take off, eliminating the struggles so often associated with over-complicated harnesses, simply put the front ring over your dog's head and secure the clips in the back. The Chesapeake Bay Harness features an easy to use four-way adjustment scenario with three different attachment points - two standard ones on the top of the harness, and a third one on the chest to counteract pulling.

BAYDOG always makes sure that their products are superior in terms of your dog's comfort and this harness is no exception, featuring a padded breast plate with a lightweight mesh lining and soft padding to eliminate the chafing that can be caused by nylon strap harnesses. 

Especially designed for medium to large dog breeds, the harness, with it's traffic handle, is particularly useful for senior dogs suffering from arthritis, or those who might need help getting up stairs, or into a boat or car. Not only is the traffic handle, perfect for use in lifting, but it's also great as an additional means of controlling your dog if necessary.

Ensuring that you and your dog are safe at night or if visibility is an issue, BAYDOG has added reflective stitching on the harness straps.

Available in four sizes and in eight vibrant colors, the harness pairs nicely with BAYDOG's Frisco Treat Pouch and their Hudson Bay Leash, both sold separately.   


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