Three Helpful Products for Your Pooch

Want the best gear for your beloved dog?

Whether it's playwear, accessories for home or tools for travel, check out our e-commerce website to take a page from the playbook of some passionate dog lovers with a quest to help other dog owners outfit their best friends in style. At UKUSCAdoggie, we are proud owners of two rescue Cocker Spaniels and have previously owned other rescued breeds, and we want to promote a good home for all dogs!

Browse around our site to find these sorts of innovative products and purchases that can help you to live a better life with your dog. That’s why we’re here, and it’s something we are proud of! (Read more about our pet background on the site).

Step-in Dog Harness by Diva Dog

Our Diva Dog BoHo Peacock patterned harness is attractive and functional. With its adjustable nylon and polyester build, it utilizes specific stress points to help protect dogs from trachea injury or upper respiratory problems over time.

Your dog wants to walk, but if he or she pulls a lot, this can also cause health concerns. With this high-quality harness, you don't have to worry about how your trips are impacting your dog's health. It really gives dog owners peace of mind, and helps more dogs take healthy walks during the day or night!

Raised Feeding Bowls

Here's another ergonomic solution for your puppy or older dog.

Helping your animal to eat conveniently is as simple as using the right raised feeding bowl to allow better access to your dog’s daily kibble.

Check out the designs that we offer after researching what it takes to support dogs who need customized feeding gear to allow them to dine in comfort. Again, this is a real game changer for dogs who need this kind of extra care, in addition to watching what you feed them – because that’s also important!

Car Safety Gear

With Sleepypod's Clickit Sport Harness, your dog can sit in comfort and safety in your vehicle. We know that many dogs love to travel with their owners and go to all sorts of neat destinations, so we researched the best travel gear available and found Sleepypod's Clickit Sport Harness and related tools to keep your dog safe.

Buy from a company that's dedicated to dog lovers everywhere. We moved from the UK to Washington state with this business in mind – and we love taking care of dogs and their people. We dedicate a portion of our profits to dog rescue, and we’re out in the field every day delivering high-quality products that promote better health, comfort and play for our canine friends. UKUSCAdoggie has the products that you need to take great care of your canine!

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