4 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog This Spring

Spring is here, and your canine companion is just as eager as you to enjoy the warmer weather. Spending some time in the great outdoors is good for your pet’s health, as well as your own. While your pet probably loves any excuse to go outside, people can use some motivation and variety. Here are four fun things you can do with your dog this Spring, as well as some products from UKUSCAdoggie that can help.

Spend More Time at the Park

When it's cold and snowy, everyone tends to spend less time outside or at the park. Now that Spring is here, it's time for you and your dog to hit the trails. Spending time at the park gives your dog, and you, some much-needed exercise after months staying inside during the winter. When heading outside, don't forget your duty to take care of any mess your dog makes. UKUSCAdoggie has several items to make cleanup up easier without taking up a lot of space on your person. For example, the compact Handipod has baggies and hand sanitizer in an easy-to-carry package.  

Travel Somewhere New

Just as your dog makes everyday life better, he can liven up your next vacation. With a little preparation, you can bring your dog with you on most trips. And since no one cares for your dog as well as you do, bringing them with you lets you avoid the worries of leaving them with dubious kennels and care services. Plus, dogs get as excited to visit new places as much as people do.

If you plan to journey by car, UKUSCAdoggie has many travel items that can make the trip more pleasant for you and your pooch. We have soft travel crates, portable kennels, dog car seats, protectors for your car upholstery and more. Be sure to grab the things you need before you and your dog set off to explore.

Give Your Dog a Bath Outside

Sunny days and warmer weather make Spring a great time to bathe your dog outside. Dogs that don't like getting in the wash basin may show less reticence to enjoying the cool water on a hot day. Whether you're bathing them outside or inside, UKUSCAdoggie has several items that can help. For example, we have several shampoos, a special doggie towel, and super-absorbent mat that prevents wet paws from making tracks on your floor.

Go For A Swim

Another way for your dog to enjoy time in the water and time in the sun is to take them swimming. While some dogs love the pool, others may not be too eager to dive in. In either situation, UKUSCAdoggie has products that can turn your pool time into fun time for your pet. For pooches that like to play in the water, we have floatation devices and pool rafts that are designed for dogs. If you don't want your dog in your pool, or you can't trust them not to drink pool water, you can set up an area for them to have fun on their own. We have an inflatable pool for dogs. For larger pets, we have a splash about barrier that they can’t easily knock over and holds some water for playing.

Whatever you’re doing this spring, make sure to include your pet. They want to enjoy the great outdoors as much as you do. UKUSCAdoggie has everything you need for outdoor fun this spring, whether you're just going to the back yard or you're headed for parts unknown. Be sure to look at the rest of our selection for anything else you may need for your furry friends. 

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