Breakaway Dog Collars - Why Every Dog Should Have One!

A Belgian Malinois and Collie at play

Making Playtime Safe for Your Dog

Dogs love to play together, but have you ever wondered when you drop your best friend off at doggie daycare if he's truly safe? While there are certainly some great daycare companies out there, and they do the best job they can of watching all the dogs in their care, there is a split second scenario that can occur in a split second, resulting in serious injury or worse. Nobody is really to blame, but wouldn't it be good to avoid the chance of such a tragedy occurring at all? Breakaway Dog Collars offer dog owners peace of mind...

We were first alerted to how easily this unthinkable situation could occur sometime ago when a distraught customer came into our store with the sad news that her beloved Maltese Mix had recently died after becoming entangled with a bush while at doggie daycare. Sadly, by the time the daycare staff noticed, it was already too late.

Hidden Dangers 

After researching this unimaginable "freak" accident, we soon realized that these types of incidents were not that uncommon, but that they could so easily be avoided with the use of a simple Breakaway Collar that could effectively prevent a dog from being strangled. As we researched further, we noted that there were in fact many different hazardous scenarios that could result in serious injury or death to our beloved pets. Wearing a basic, traditional style collar, your dog could be in danger in his own back yard. He could get caught up in bushes, branches, heating or cooling vents, garden furniture, decks, or other outdoor equipment. Playing with a doggie sibling, he could so easily become entangled in another collar. At doggie daycare, while running around having a great time with his canine buddies, we tend to overlook these types of issues, but they do occur, and more often than you would think.

A well-fitting breakaway collar will offer you peace of mind whenever your dog's playing, no matter where he is.

Everyday Walks in a Breakaway Collar...

Worried that walking your dog in a breakaway collar might be problematic? Fear not....once you fasten your pet's leash to both of the metal D-rings located on either side of the buckle of a breakaway collar, you can be confident that the collar will not snap open as you walk along.
Dog going for a walk
We would love to hear your experiences, bad and good with Breakaway Collars. Did a Breakaway Collar save your dog's life?


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