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Woof Manuka Honey for Dogs

The NZ Natural Pet Food Co.


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The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co. was created by Amber and Jacqueline to offer pet owners around the world a convenient and safe option to feed their pets the most wholesome foods, as close to raw as possible. All the company's food and treats are manufactured in small batches in New Zealand

Manuka honey is known around the world for its unique qualities in support of immunity and overall health, and now The NZ Natural Pet Food Co. has a version especially for our canine friends!

Perfect as a topper for your dog's food, or as a special treat, the honey is rich in vitamins, minerals, natural enzymes, antioxidants and nutrients, so it's of great benefit to his health. Raw, natural and very yummy, your dog will love it.

With its antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties, you can also use the honey on your pet's skin to promote healing of wounds and sores.

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