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WHIMZEES Natural Dental Chew Pails



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We all know how important dental care is for our dogs, but so often brushing our dog's teeth on a regular basis tends to not happen until all of a sudden there's a problem....

WHIMZEE's Natural Dental Chews offer the perfect solution when it comes to taking care of canine teeth. In effect, these yummy treats mean that our dog can brush his own teeth. A big hit among dogs and their owners worldwide, these all-natural treats are vegetarian, low fat and are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. There's even added fiber to promote good digestion.

A tasty, fun way to support your dog's oral health, the chews will freshen your dogs breath and reduce tartar buildup as he chows down. They are gluten-free and easy to digest, perfect for dogs with sensitive tummies.

What makes the chews unique in their ability to clean canine teeth as your dog chews has a lot to do with their quirky, whimsical knobbly shape. Hollow spaces enable dogs  to easily grasp the chews, while unique grooves help to clean in between teeth. 

Produced sustainably, the chews contain absolutely no artificial ingredients, colors, flavors or preservatives and no GMOs.

Available in three different sizes, as follows:

Small Pail contains 56 small dental treats: 19 ea Alligators, 19 ea Toothbrushes and 18 ea Stix

Medium Pail contains 28 medium dental treats: 9 ea Alligators, 9 ea Toothbrushes and 10 ea Stix

Large Pail contains 14 large dental treats: 3 ea Alligators, 4 ea Toothbrushes, 4 ea Stix and 3ea Hedgehogs.

The treats are suitable for dogs over the age of nine months, and for those weighing more than 5 lbs. Please always supervise your dog as he chews to avoid choking. 


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