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This & That Fetch This

This & That Canine Co.

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This great little toy is perfect for a good game of ‘’fetch”!   Made from Planet Dog’s Orbee-Tuff® material, it is non-toxic, recyclable and is easy to rinse clean.

To teach your dog to fetch something – that is to go out, bring it back, and give it up, you should go through some clear steps one at a time before bringing them all together.

The first step is to get the dog to show you his “treasure”, so you need to teach him to come back with the prize. Concentrate on the bringing, rather than the giving at this point.

After lining up several toys and treats, gently throw a toy a few feet away from you and point to it. When your dog brings it back to you, praise him, but let him hold onto the toy. If he doesn’t bring it back and ignores you, pretend to run away from him after he’s picked it up. If he still won’t bring it back, then pretend to eat some of the treats!

Your dog will eventually figure this out and trot back to you with the toy. As he approaches, say “bring”, and when he arrives, shower him with praise and give him a treat, leaving the toy in his mouth. Repeat with a different toy. For dogs a little slower on the uptake, it might be a good idea to try this in a small room.

Have fun!

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