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The Hyper Pet OHBowl - Orange

Hyper Pet



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The first multi-functional food bowl for dogs, The Hyper Pet OH Bowl was developed by veterinarians to promote oral health. The unique design encourages your dog to lick the raised rubber tips located along the bottom of the bowl, and in doing so, he cleans his tongue, removing bacteria and freshening his breath. The process will also stimulate the production of saliva, leading to healthier teeth and gums.

The Hyper Pet suggests that adding a few drops of water to the bowl before you add your dog's food will encourage him to lick more or, as a special treat, why not spread some tasty yogurt to the bowl. As your dog licks, endorphins are released, relaxing him.

Perfect for medium to large dogs, the bowl holds up to 4 cups of dry or wet dog food. Non-toxic, it features an anti-skid base created from food grade PP and TPR rubber, which is fused to the bowl eliminating the need for glue or other type of adhesive.

Easy to clean, the bowl is dishwasher safe. 

Product Dimensions:

9" x 11"

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