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Kucha's Sumac Marine Slip Collar pairs seamlessly with the company's matching leash, and is made to hold your dog's head in an upright position while he is heeling. When he pulls or exhibits other undesirable behaviors, the collar offers a quick correction. You can switch between using the collar as a slip collar or as a regular collar by simply connecting your dog's leash to an alternative o-ring.

The clever construction is based on sailing splicing techniques with each end of the silky, soft marine-grade rope feeding back into the core.  This means that it can hold up to hundreds of pounds of pull. Robust solid brass equestrian-strength rope clamps over each splice add strength and are a lovely design feature.

This attractive double-braided nylon rope collar repels dirt and dries quickly and is perfect for small to medium-sized dogs. It is handmade with love.

In order to achieve the perfect fit, measure your dog's neck using a soft measuring tape.  Wrap it around the neck where his current collar sits, making sure that it is snug.

Super easy to clean, simply submerge the collar in soapy water, agitate it and rinse. Gently squeeze and hang to dry. 

Kucha is committed to the design of attractive, but functional products where strength and durability is put to the test before it's deemed suitable for sale. We love this company!

Available in the following sizes:

Size Length
XS 10"-13"
Small 12"-15"
Medium 14"-17"
Large 16"-21"
XL 20"-23"


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