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  • Slo-Bowl™ Slow Feeder by Kyjen
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Large Slo-Bowl™ Slow Feeder by Kyjen




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Based in Colorado, it is Kyjen's mission to make unique products that will keep dogs active and engaged. Passionate about dogs, the company feels that our canine companions deserve fun, functional products that last longer and challenge them. Dogs certainly keep us healthy and happy with their companionship, playfulness and love. Kyjen believes that we should enrich their lives as much as they enrich ours.

Does your doggie gobble down his food really fast leaving you worrying that this just might not be good for him? Veterinarians agree that slower feeding is so much better for our best friends.

Kyjen has the perfect solution...the Slo-Bowl™ - the dog bowl for fast eaters! The bowl's nature-inspired design promotes natural eating habits by making dogs forage for their food. They so learn to "chase" their food through a maze of ridges and valleys, so dinnertime becomes more like a hunt. By prolonging feeding times, the risk of bloat, regurgitation and canine obesity are greatly reduced and as the Slo-Bowl™ rewards him with food, your dog will become more and more engaged as he eats.

Available in an attractive Mulberry flower design and made from top-quality, food-safe materials, this wonderfully innovative product was voted "Best in Show" at the Global Pet Expo and Modern Dog named it a "Fave Find". 

BPA, PVC and Phthalate free, a rubber-molded foundation prevents the bowl from sliding around and reduces food spillage. 

Super easy to clean, just toss in the top rack of your dishwasher!

The bowl holds up to five cups of dry dog food.

Product Dimensions:

2" Height, 13" Width, 12" Length

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