• shakeTrainer by ONKEY

shakeTrainer by ONKEY




10% of Profits Go to Our Rescue Partners!

You adore your dog...he's the perfect pooch, but what to do about all those annoying little behaviors you so wish he didn't exhibit... 

Meet the shakeTrainer, the easy, humane way to stop unwanted behaviors in just minutes!

Created by professional dog trainers and approved by veterinarians, this innovative product offers dog owners an affordable and most importantly, gentle solution. 

Whether your dog barks excessively, jumps up when he shouldn't, steals food, goes potty inappropriately, pulls on his leash, runs away, digs, chews, or Simon's particular favorite, raids the garbage, the shakeTrainer can help! 

Effective for most dogs, you should really check this out before deciding that dog obedience training is the only way to go to avoid complete loss of sanity!

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