• SafeSpot Locking Dog Leash and Collar

SafeSpot Locking Dog Leash and Collar




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Unfortunately we live in a world where people take things that don't belong to them so we tend to do whatever we can to protect ourselves. You wouldn't leave your bike unlocked outside a store while you just nipped in, would you, but how many times have you seen "unlocked" doggies sitting patiently waiting for their owners to return?

Until now...SafeSpot Locking Dog Leash and Collar has the answer! Why not give yourself a little peace of mind when you make a quick stop at the local coffee shop or anywhere where doggies aren't welcome. This product is sure to act as a huge deterrent for any would-be doggie thieves.

Fully adjustable, the unique collar and leash set features a steel-cabled core, one button adjust and comes with two keys. The product has a break strength of up to 500 lbs of force. Use it as a regular collar and leash without the lock feature - the perfect everyday collar and leash!

With a leash length of 48" and a collar adjustable up to 36", the ergonomic design is suitable for all hand sizes.

One size fits all (from 10 lbs on).

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