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Rainy Day Puzzle Toy for Cats




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Nina Ottosson has always believed that it is important to provide not just physical activity for your pet, but mental stimulation too. Over the years, we have been very impressed with all her puzzles for dogs, so we're very excited about this puzzle toy designed especially for our best feline friends.

Cats love a challenge so they'll love the challenges provided by the Rainy Day Puzzle Toy. Your cat is sure to enjoy batting the pegs and swiveling the raindrops to search out the fourteen hidden treat sections, and as he masters one challenge, you can adjust the difficulty level, keeping him engaged for hours. The toy comes complete with a Tips and Tricks Sheet, so that you'll have lots of different challenges to try.

Have a cat that guzzles down his dinner? Let the Rainy Day Puzzle Toy help. Simply replace your standard cat bowl and use the puzzle as a feeder. It holds up to a quarter of a cup of food and made from food-safe materials that are BPA, PVC and Phthalate-free, it is completely non-toxic. Your cat will eat more slowly, as his natural foraging instinct comes into play.

One of the reasons we love this toy is the fact that it contains no removable parts, so you don't have to worry about anything getting lost, and tidying up after playtime is super easy. 

Check out the Rainy Day Puzzle Toy in Action below!

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