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Qwizl Treat Toy - Granny Smith

West Paw


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Introducing Qwizl, a wonderfully innovative treat toy from West Paw! We believe that this toy should be on the radar of all dog lovers in their quest to find the best interactive dog toy out there. Built especially for tough chewers, this one is definitely a must-have!

There are so many great options when it comes to choosing toys that will mentally stimulate our best furry friends, but which ones should be go for? There are just so many great choices. At UKUSCAdoggie, we believe that there is no need to spend a fortune on complicated puzzles - we think that the simple option is the best option, and that's why we love Qwizl!

Available in two sizes, this great interactive treat-dispensing toy will keep your dog amused for hours, no matter his age or size. Perfect for puppies, Qwizl encourages mobility and teaches young dogs how to sniff out treats and chew. It's also a great option for older dogs with limited amounts of energy, who might become distracted as they work on seeking out the treats. Senior dogs or those with injuries are able to hold the toy between their paws and play without too much exertion on their part. Bottom line, this toy will keep your dog away from objects he shouldn't be chewing and it will tire him out, which when the weather means you need to stay indoors, is definitely a good thing!

For a little variety and to increase or decrease the level of challenge, simply switch up the treats. Dental sticks, bully sticks, kibble or even spreads are all great choices for stuffing the Qwizl. Start with an easy challenge and increase the level of difficulty as your pet becomes more adept at removing the goodies. Ridges inside the toy grip the treats so that he won't be able to gobble them up too quickly.

Qwizl is part of the company's Zogoflex dog toy line. In addition to this great Granny Smith version, it's also available in West Paw's other great colors - Tangerine and Aqua Blue. Recyclable, latex-free and BPA-phthalate-free and FDA compliant, you could safely eat off the toy if you really wanted to! Best of all, it's guaranteed to last!

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