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  • Puppy Bumpers®
  • Puppy Bumpers®
  • Puppy Bumpers®
  • Puppy Bumpers®
  • Puppy Bumpers®

Puppy Bumpers®



  • Up to 10"
  • 10" - 13"
  • 13" - 16"
  • Muddy Paws
  • Pink Dot
  • Black & White Checkers

10% of Profits Go to Our Rescue Partners!

Invented in 2008, Puppy Bumpers stuffed safety collars were designed to prevent doggies squeezing through fences, balcony rails, or under gates. Since then, they have been endorsed by dog trainers, vets, and other dog professionals as a great way to keep dogs safely behind the fence - no need for chicken wire or to have to restrain your puppy in his own back yard!

Puppy Bumpers are manufactured in Virginia at STEPS, Inc., a company employing people with special challenges.

Simply attach the stylish Puppy Bumper to your doggie's existing collar and you won't have to worry.

The Puppy Bumper is available in 3 exciting designs - Muddy Paws, Pink Dot, and Black & White Checkers.

When deciding what size you will need, measure your doggie's neck and be sure to leave room for a collar that the Puppy Bumper will attach to.

Available sizes:

Up to 10" neck - Generally for toy breeds up to 11 lbs or skinny neck pups like Italian Greyhounds or Min Pins

10" - 13" neck - Mid-range pups from about 12 lbs to 25 lbs

13" - 16" neck - Generally over 20 lbs


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