• Petstages Easy Life Hammock and Scratcher

Petstages Easy Life Hammock and Scratcher




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How many times have you come home to find your favorite piece of furniture scratched beyond recognition and you'd wished you'd left that ugly scratching post more accessible to your kitty after all? This wonderful alternative to the old post will keep you and your cat happy!

As we all know, cats scratch to keep their claws strong and healthy. Vital for hunting and climbing, they use them for marking and defending their territory, and domesticated cats are no exception - they need something to scratch, and ideally it's not your new sofa!

Toys especially designed to attract your cat to scratch them are the best way of dealing with this issue and the Petstages Easy Life Hammock and Scratcher definitely fits the bill! More than just a scratcher, your cat will be able to lounge and stretch as well as rubbing and scratching. Extra thick corrugate panels will support her as she rests, and the unique "X" design folds up for storage.

Easy to assemble, the product measures 21" x 10" x 10" high when assembled.

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