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Pentapulls Dog Toys by Doggles



  • Hedgehog
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Your dog will love Pentapulls - another innovative dog toy from Doggles, the company famous for goggles for dogs! This great company leads the market in the design and manufacture of tough, durable toys to suit even the most rambunctious of dogs.

Those of us who are environmentally-conscious (aren't we all?) will love the fact that Pentpulls are created from eco-friendly recycled fabrics. These friendly characters have proven very successful and you might have come across some good imitations, but don't be fooled - these toys are the best!

Made from four layers of 1680 denier nylon, the toys are incredibly durable. The animals' arms and legs have been designed to form an "X" shape and they've been stitched to create a toy that is perfect for pulling, shaking, and basically anything your dog cares to dish out. If your dogs are like ours, you will relate to the fact that within minutes, arms and legs are ripped off, but not so with Pentapulls. The innovative design features no attachment points at shoulder or hip joints, so you're unlikely to find bits of toy floating around after playtime!

Your dog will definitely enjoy the five squeakers which are included in the toys for added fun. This is a toy that your dog will love to tug!

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