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Peanut Butter & Banana Creamy Dog Treat

West Paw



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We've loved West Paw's uniquely-shaped chew toys for so long, and now there's a line of tasty treats with which to stuff those toys! Your dog is definitely in for lots of yummy fun!

We all know how much dogs love peanut butter, and now West Paw has added a sweet, healthy twist. The company has taken good old fashioned peanut butter, made from US-sourced freshly ground peanuts, and has added a touch of real banana. This tasty vegan paste contains no sugar, xylitol, or artificial sweeteners - it's just good, all-natural nutrition, perfect for stuffing into your dog's toys for even more playtime fun. 

Presented in an easy-to-squeeze tube, the treat is high in electrolyte-balancing, muscle-building potassium and it's packed with Vitamins C and B6 to boost your dog's immune system and to regulate hormones. Gluten and grain-free, West Paw is so sure your dog will love this tasty offering, they offer their "Love It Guarantee".

Please note that as natural peanut butter lacks stabilizers, the peanut's own oils tend to separate from the butter itself. West Paw cautions that such separation does not affect the quality of the product. You can reduce this separation by storing the tube in your fridge and kneading it to combine the ingredients before use. 

Please note that this product is only available in the US.

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