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Original Mozzie Dog Pants

Mozzie Pants


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Based in Seattle, Mozzie Pants designs products that are stylish and functional and we love them!

Intended for use indoors, the original version of Mozzie Pants will help dog owners protect their furniture, flooring and walls from mishaps. The unique design allows you to trim the leg length of the pants without having to worry about the garment fraying. Simply cut the legs so that they extend to just a few inches above your dog's paw.

Perfect for helping to house train your dog or protecting your flooring from those little accidents when your pet gets excited, the stylish pants are also useful in avoiding having your dog mark his territory indoors. They also offer the perfect solution if your dog has incontinence issues, or if your female dog is in heat. 

If your dog has recently had surgery and you're thinking about the dreaded cone of shame, consider trying the pants instead. Veterinarian-recommended to provide protection for wounds following surgery, as well as great coverage for hot spots, they work particularly well following knee surgeries. 

Made from soft cotton fabric, which is machine washable and dryer safe, the pants are suitable for daily wear and will not cause any chafing or other irritation. They are available in sizes to fit all dog breeds, from puppies all the way up to large dog breeds.

If pants falling down is an issue with your pet, check out Mozzie Pants Dog Suspenders, which work perfectly with all the company's products.  

We guarantee your dog will love his Mozzie Pants!


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