• Niteize GlowStreak LED Dog Ball for nightime game of fetch
  • NiteIze GlowStreak LED Dog Ball
  • NiteIze GlowStreak LED Dog Ball

NiteIze GlowStreak LED Dog Ball



  • Red
  • Disc-O Ball

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Based in beautiful Colorado, NiteIze® has continued to innovate throughout 23 years in business. Passionate about the environment, the company offers solution-based products with a focus on quality and performance. Every product is designed with creative innovation for superior functionality, manufactured with top-of-the-line materials for optimum durability, and will make your life easier and a lot more fun! 

Looking for a good ball for nighttime play - one that you're not going to easily lose? Look no further! The NiteIze® GlowStreak LED Dog Ball is the most technologically advanced ball you'll find. The ball itself is the same size as a tennis ball, and, made from rubber, it is extremely durable, and even floats. No need to worry if it gets wet or covered in slobber. On the inside of the ball, there's a well-protected molded, shockproof, removable polycarbonate core containing a motion-activated LED module/battery featuring bright red or color changing Disc-O LED lights. This core is secured with screws and is completely water-tight. 

The ball itself features unique grooves, making it easy to pick up for dogs of all sizes. A simple bounce activates the LED lights, which are powered by replaceable long-lasting batteries, giving you and your dog up to 35 hours of play. This is one clever ball - after a period of ten minutes of not registering a bounce, the unit automatically shuts itself off (after 5 minutes of glow and 5 minutes of flashing), hopefully giving you and your dog time to hunt it down.  

NiteIze® suggests that you might want to pair this product with their NiteIze® SpotLit, a water-resistant durable LED Collar Light. This product clips to your dog's collar thanks to a stainless steel carabiner. The two LED products combined will make a nighttime game of fetch so much more fun for both you and your dog. 


  • Makes nighttime game of fetch fun and safe
  • Most technologically advanced ball on the market
  • Durable rubber ball is the size of a tennis ball 
  • Well-protected, molded, shockproof polycarbonate core contains a motion-activated LED module/battery
  • Automatic shut-off

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