• Multipuzzle Interactive Game for Dogs
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Multipuzzle Interactive Game for Dogs

Nina Ottosson



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All dogs love a challenge and providing your dog with one is so very important for his mental health. A dog who becomes bored is much more likely to become destructive, so if you want your furniture and that new pair of shoes to last a while, then it's a good idea to supply your best friend with some age and size appropriate toys and games.

We love Nina Ottosson's collection of puzzle toys for dogs. Designed to encourage play and excercise your dog's mind, there's something for everyone, from beginner level, all the way up to this exciting new game, which is designed to keep the smartest and most motivated of dogs occupied. The company's most challenging puzzle yet, the Multipuzzle Interactive Game will require your pet to complete a series of steps in a specific order in order to find the treats that you have hidden.

To provide your dog with hours of fun, simply fill the outer tray and center sections of the game with treats, slide the covers across, and watch as your dog uses his paws to figure out how to get at those tasty morsels! As with all Nina Ottosson puzzles, the game is designed to encourage your dog's natural digging and hunting instincts, and will distract him from unwanted behaviors. It is perfect for alleviating anxiety.

Made from tough, non-toxic plastic, and containing no BPA, PVC or phthalates, the game makes dinnertime fun and challenging, so it's a great option for dogs who tend to guzzle down their food. 

It is always a good idea to supervise your dog as he plays, and remove any toy that shows signs of wear.


  • Interactive advanced puzzle toy for dogs
  • Made from durable plastic with no BPA, PVC, or phthalates 
  • Encourages natural digging and hunting instincts
  • Distracts from destructive behaviors and alleviates anxiety
  • Encourages play and offers mental stimulation
  • Slows down eating

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