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With so many of us going back to work outside the home as COVID restrictions ease, our dogs are certainly going to miss us and could so easily become bored or anxious. How best to deal with this issue is something we were asked about almost daily, and so began the search for solutions. While we did come up with several ideas, one of our favorite products to deal with the issue was the LickiMat Soother. This little rubber square ticked so many boxes, and we're certain you and your dog will love it as much as we do!

Simply spread your pet's favorite treats or food on the textured, patterned surface of the LikiMat and watch him start to lick. The act of licking will soothe and calm him, reducing anxiety and alleviating boredom, which left unchecked might well lead to destructive behaviors. In addition to offering fun entertainment for your best friend, as he licks the mat, he will generate saliva, which helps promote healthy teeth and gums. The design of the mat will also help to freshen his breath, as it scrapes food particles and bacteria off his tongue as he licks.  The mat's also a great tool in aiding digestion. Using the mat as a slow feeder for your pet's meals instead of a regular dog bowl is a great way of slowing a fast eater down, reducing bloating issues. Whatever treats or food you choose - raw, wet, dry or liquid, the mat makes mealtimes much more of a challenge, which as most dogs tend to guzzle down their food, is a great health benefit. You can even freeze food on the mat for added fun.

Developed by veterinarians and approved by canine behaviorists, the mat is suitable for all small and medium-sized dog breeds, but is particularly useful for flat nosed breeds. Made from recyclable, eco-friendly non-toxic, food-grade material, the mat is microwave and freezer safe. It contains no silicone, BPA or PVA. 


  • Soothe and calm your pet as he licks
  • Great way to alleviate boredom
  • Promotes good oral health
  • Use as a slow feeder to aid digestion
  • Microwave and freezer safe
  • Made from non-toxic, human-grade, eco-friendly materials

Product Dimensions:

7.9" x 7.9"

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