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K9 Portable Shower

C1 Design Group



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We all know that dogs can get terribly dirty and then we have to bring them into the house or car - what a mess! That's where the K9 Shower comes in, offering a great solution to this common canine problem.

The K9 Shower is designed and manufactured in the USA by C1 Design Group, leaders in innovative products for the great outdoors. This amazing product is portable and can be used anywhere to deliver up to 2.2 gallons of warm water - more than enough to thoroughly rinse a large, dirty dog. Simply fill the shower with hot or warm water at home and it will stay warm for hours. The gravity-fed water flow is strong enough to shoot water straight up to clean your dog's belly and chest and he will definitely appreciate the nice warm water!

For the car, the K9 Shower mounts to a window that's opened just an inch or so. Six feet of hose and a shower head with an on-off control then enables you to rinse your dog after a trip to the dog park, a nice muddy hike in the woods, or a visit to the beach. Towel him dry and load a nice clean dog into your car! At home, the K9 Shower mounts to a bracket provided so you can hose your dog down before bringing him and a whole lot of dirt into the house.

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