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Ikaria PetScent Aromatherapy Clips



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There are so many stressors in our dogs' lives - a trip to the vet, the groomer, boarding kennels, or they might suffer from separation anxiety, or be hyperactive. Then there are thunderstorms and fireworks....

Ikaria PetScent Clips offer dog owners a viable solution for all these issues, providing them with a means of soothing and calming their dogs with the use of  aromatherapy.  Really simple to use, the clips easily attach to the d-ring of any collar or harness and once the slider is moved to the open position, the long-lasting scent technology, featuring natural, essential oils, begins.  

When the scent is released, the dog inhales and millions of receptors in his nasal passages deliver the calming scent to his limbic system in the brain, creating a positive emotional response. Ikaria's finely-crafted oil blends are 100% therapeutic and free from perfumes. The scent of the blends is diffused via natural evaporation so there is no need for chemical propellants.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, this innovative patented aromatherapy delivery device can be used for any specific stressful situation your dog encounters, or you can leave it in place and open and close as necessary. You can also control just how much scent is released at anytime. 

Perfect for use by pet owners everywhere, and particularly useful for dog groomers and those operating kennels, the product is available in the two following aromatherapy blends:

Calming: A blend of lavender, sweet marjoram and chamomile, which naturally soothes and calms dogs.

 Rescue: A blend of cypress, spikenard, neroli, ylang ylang and lavender to ease anxiety and emotional trauma.


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