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Herbal Flea and Tick Defense Dog Collar

Earth Animal


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So many of us are concerned that traditional Flea and Tick Collars use chemical pesticides that could hurt our precious pets, but what's a good alternative?

We have one!  Introducing the Herbal Flea and Tick Dog Collar by Earth Animal, a great natural and effective alternative. Created by veterinarian, Dr. Bob Goldstein, Earth Animal's mission is to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals and pesticides for our pets, family members and the environment.

These highly effective collars combine aromatic herbs and essential oils to create a non-toxic gentle solution. Peppermint Oil and Virginia Cedarwood Oil, which are repulsive to fleas, ticks and other insects that might bite our pets. Virginia Cedarwood Oil has antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. As well as being effective in repelling fleas and ticks, it's also great for your dog's skin and coat. Peppermint Oil is a great stress reliever in addition to repelling those nasty pests, and it gives the formula a pleasant minty fragrance. Almond Oil not only smells great, but also repels biting insects.

Please be aware that if you are interested in a Flea and Tick Defense Collar for your cat, you should use Earth Animal's version designed specifically for them.

How do we know these collars work?

Earth Animal's Collars were rigorously tested by REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical), which is the European Union's version of the EPA in the United States. This body concluded that risk of allergy is extremely low due to the slow release of the active ingredients. Please let us know if you would like to read the Toxicology Report.

You should also know that no animals were harmed in the testing of this product.

The Collar is available in Small, Medium and Large sizes. It is waterproof and so there's no need to remove before a swim. Earth Animal suggests replacing the collar every three months and states that it should not be used in conjunction with a leash or to hold your dog.

For best results, use the collar in conjunction with Earth Animal's Internal Daily Powders and Herbal Drops.

Why not give it a try and ditch the chemicals for good?!

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