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Heave Hose Fire Hose Bumper Dog Toy

Katie’s Bumpers™


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Katie’s Bumpers™ was founded in 2002. Serving as inspiration was Katie, a beautiful Blue Heaven Newfoundland pup. As Katie excelled at dog shows, it soon became clear that there was a big gap in the market when it came to a product that was good for water training. The company's very first Bumper featured a top to bottom cylinderical shape with a flush rope design that prevented dogs from biting through the rope loop. 

The company's attention to detail and knowing exactly what trainers needed culminated in their use of fire hose material and a whole new generation of Bumpers with unique patented designs. Today, the brand is known for its authentic, safe, durable and unique designs, all packaged sustainably. Sourced in the USA, the fire hose material used is virgin, rubber-free, professional grade and phthalate-free. All rope used is marine grade, made in the US. Another great feature of the company's toys is that, instead of just being painted on, all  designs are molded into the material, as part of the manufacturing process, eliminating the need to worry about what your dog could be ingesting.  

Made from professional grade fire hose material, the Heave Hose Fire Hose Bumper Dog Toy is extremely durable, and with it's nice bright primary color, it's easy to spot, whether you're on land, in the water, or playing in the snow. Features include a 12" floating rope, making it super easy to toss, and a contrasting checkered section at the end of the toy that makes it easier to locate for dogs with vision issues. A great safe choice, the Heave Hose Bumper floats in water.

Available in three convenient sizes, Medium, Large, and Big Mouth, product dimensions are as follows:

Size Length x Width
Medium 11" x 3.5"
Large 13" x 4"
Big Mouth  15" x 4.5"


When playtime is over, simply toss the toy into your dishwasher or wash with soap and water in the sink. 

Please be advised that Katie's Bumpers are intended as interactive play toys to be used outdoors. The company reminds dog owners that dogs should not be left unattending while playing. 

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