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  • Hear Doggy™ Flatties - Pink Flamingo
  • Hear Doggy™ Flatties - Brown Beaver
  • Hear Doggy™ Flatties - Green Snake
  • Hear Doggy™ Flatties - Orange Cat

Hear Doggy™ Flatties


Getting a bit tired of the constant squeak of Fido’s toy?

Hear Doggy™ is one of the great brands of the Quaker Pet Group, offering pets and their parents, wonderfully innovative, solution-based products.

Featuring patented ultrasonic technology that is heard by your dog, but not by you, Hear DoggyFlatties are the perfect solution! You'll hear just a puff of air, but your dog will hear that annoying squeak he loves!

This fun toy is available in four different varieties - Pink Flamingo, Brown Beaver, Green Snake, and Orange Cat

Product Dimensions: 

14" x 9" x 2"

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