Gasp! My Breath is Stinky Dog Treats

Gasp! My Breath is Stinky Dog Treats

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Vancouver's very first pet bakery, Granville Island Pet Treatery began life back in 1985 as a small boutique pet shop. Located in an old train caboose left over from Granville Island's industrial past, the bakery very soon became part of the fabric of the Island's community. If you have never visited Granville Island and are going to be in Vancouver, this is definitely a must visit location! Over the years, Granville Island Pet Treatery has become a leading manufacturer of healthy protein and biscuit treats for pets, and we're very excited to be able to introduce them to our customers. 

Another functional dog treat from Vancouver's Granville Island Pet Treatery, Gasp! My Breath is Stinky Dog Treats are a tasty, healthy option when it comes to making your pet's breath just a little sweeter! 

Veterinarian-recommended, grain free and all-natural, these yummy morsels contain no additives or preservatives or anything artificial. Oven-baked in Canada, using locally-sourced, simple ingredients, you can feel confident that you're giving your dog something that's good for him.

Especially formulated to fight bad breath and generally improve dental health, the treats contain herbs and plants that are so important to your pet's overall health. Herbs are chosen, not just for their individual properties, but also for the way when combined, they work together. Parsley, a great source of flavenoids, antioxidants and vitamins, contains lycopene and carotenes. It is great for freshening breath and soothing the stomach. Peppermint can help with upset stomachs, reduce gas and nausea, and is a wonderful way to combat travel sickness. Fennel supports digestive health and helps eliminate halitosis. It can also help with gas problems. Flax seeds contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for skin and coat. Spirulina helps to strengthen the immune system, and can also soothe gastrointestinal issues, aid in detoxification and offer relief from seasonal allergies. 


  • Grain free, all-natural, healthy dog treats
  • Natural way to eliminate bad breath
  • Contains herbs and plants important for overall health
  • Contain no additives, preservatives, or anything artificial
  • Hand-made in Vancouver, BC
  • Veterinarian-recommended

Active Ingredients (per treat):

olive oil 0.19 g, parsley 0.03 g, peppermint 0.03 g, fennel 0.03 g, flax seeds 0.03 g, spirulina 0.01 g


chick pea flour, free range eggs, extra virgin olive oil, parsley, peppermint, fennel , flax seeds, spirulina, water