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Fresh Guava Wild Flower Collar

Dublin Dog Co.


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10% of Profits Go to Our Rescue Partners!

We're all familiar with those nasty, stinky dog collars...they start out looking and smelling amazing, but a little bit of rain, and they're toast!

Introducing Dublin Dog Co.'s patent-pending dog collars! Made from a special blend of synthetic polymers, these attractive, stylish collars don't absorb moisture, retain dirt or harbor bacteria, so no more stink! So next time your dog ends up muddy, wet, or just plain smelly, and we're sure he will, simply rinse the collar in a little water and you'll be ready for your next adventure!

The collars, which have a pull strength of 1200 lbs per square inch, are available in two sizes, as follows:

Size Length Width
Medium 12.5"-17" 1"
Large 17"-21.5" 1"


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