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EzyDog Crosscheck Harness



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EzyDog's new Crosscheck Harness is undoubtedly one of the best training harnesses on the market right now. The harness doubles as an effective no-pull harness, and as an easy walking harness, the simple figure-8 design reduces a dog's pulling by using a checking function centered around his girth as opposed to his neck.

This limited-slip checking system enables the owner to correct their dog with a gentle tug as he begins to pull, so that pretty soon, the dog learns to walk alongside them. The harness is also a great option for dogs who try and escape from a traditional harness.

Available in Blue, Red, and Black and in five size options, the harness is super easy to fit. The front section goes over the dog's head and the girth strap connects with a side release buckle. With two convenient leash attachment points, you have the choice of using the product as a dog training harness or as a simple walking harness.

Other features include dual stainless steel D-rings and a silicone neck liner.

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