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  • Earth Rated™ PoopBags - UKUSCAdoggie
  • Earth Rated™ PoopBags - UKUSCAdoggie

Earth Rated™ PoopBags


Did you know that in his lifetime your dog will produce about 1 ton of poop? Let Earth Rated PoopBags make picking up that poop just a little bit easier! These affordable, high-quality dog waste bags are eco-friendly and come with a lovely lavender scent. Best of all, the extra long length (9" x 12") means that you won't have to worry about getting your sleeves dirty.

The rolls contain a 100% recycled paper core which disintegrates faster than ordinary plastic bags, breaking down to carbon dioxide and water in as little as 24 months.

Each box of bags contains 8 rolls for a total of 120 bags per package.

Perfect for using with the Funston Baggie from Wildebeest or any other dispenser you may have around!

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