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HandiPOD Refill Bags

Magnet & Steel


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10% of Profits Go to Our Rescue Partners!

Want to make picking up dog poop just a slightly better experience? Then check out the HandiPOD Dispenser with Hand Sanitiser. It offers dog walkers everywhere a slightly more pleasurable experience! Buy your canister here and then come back and get your refills - you definitely don't want to run out of poopy bags!

Available in Purple or Blue, purchase the bags and gel together here or buy the bags separately. The refill pack contains 80 poop bags.

The HandiPOD canister attaches easily to your dog's leash and lets you freshen up when you've cleaned up!  It comes with 20 poop bags and dermatologically tested antibacterial hand gel to leave your hands feeling clean and fresh with no sticky residue. 

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