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  • Cooling Collar
  • Cooling Collar
  • Cooling Collar

Cooling Collar



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As temperatures soar, how do you prevent your dog from overheating? Simply get him a Cooling Collar!

Easy to use, simply submerge the collar in water.  The special polymer beads inside the product start absorbing the water, creating a gel. As the water slowly evaporates, it draws heat from your dog cooling him. As dogs do not have sweat glands, the collar mimics the process of cooling through evaporation.

Made from cotton with a Velcro closure, the collar is non-toxic and will stay cool for up to three days!

Available in three colors - Grey, Red and Blue and in the following sizes:

Size Neck Circumference
Small 10"-12"
Medium 12"-15"
Large 15"-18"


Product Dimensions:

Small: 14" x 2.5"

Medium: 17" x 3"

Large: 20.5" x 3.25"




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