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Cool K9 Dog Cooling Jacket


As temperatures soar, how do you make sure your doggie doesn't overheat? Simple - get him kitted out in a Cool K9 Dog Cooling Jacket!

Water absorbing, polymer crystals are sewn into supplex fabric, which allows heat to physically transfer from the dog to the jacket, keeping your pooch nice and cool and avoiding any nasty heat related problems.

Simply submerge the jacket in water for about thirty minutes or until it's saturated. The polymer crystals will absorb enough water to keep the evaporative process going for several days. Even when the jacket is completely soaked, it will hold the water, keeping Fido cool and dry. As an added bonus, when winter arrives, use the jacket dry as an insulating jacket to protect your doggie from the cold. Equipped with reflective strips to increase nighttime visibility, this versatile jacket is a favorite of hikers, bikers, walkers, runner, hunters and dog-lovers alike.

Wash by hand with no harsh abrasives. Hang to dry when not in use. Do not freeze!

Product Sizing:

Small - 5-30 lbs, fits 15"-22" Chest size

Medium - 30-60 lbs, fits 22"-31" Chest size

Large - 60-100 lbs, fits 29"-39" Chest size

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