• Chuckit! Ball Launcher
  • Chuckit! Ball Launcher
  • Chuckit! Ball Launcher

Chuckit! Ball Launcher



  • Junior 18M Mid Range-Medium Ball
  • Sport 12M Short Range-Medium Ball
  • Sport 18M Mid Range-Medium Ball
  • Sport 25M Long Range-Medium Ball
  • Sport 26M Mid Range-Large Ball
  • Classic 26M Long-Range-Medium Ball
  • Ultra 25M Mid Range-Medium Ball

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Available in various sizes to accommodate dogs of all shapes and sizes, the Chuckit! Ball Launcher is perfect for a great game of fetch, whether your play area is just your back yard, or a big dog park. You can tailor the toy for your dog's play style too - the Junior Ball Launcher, for example, is great for dogs who are a little bit older and perhaps don't like to run too far. 

The launcher allows you to throw a ball for your pet using very little effort, and in most cases, you'll be able to throw twice as far as you could using just your arm. As an added bonus, you don't have to actually touch the ball, avoiding all that slobber! 

Quality craftsmanship has resulted in a product that is built to last, and we're certain that your Chuckit will be around for years of fun. Each lightweight launcher comes complete with a medium-sized or large-sized Chuckit! ball, depending on which option you choose. The ball even floats, making retrieval super easy. If, however, the unthinkable happens, and you do end up losing a ball, replacements are readily available. 

We love the Chuckit! Ball Launchers for their ease of use and the quality of the product. We believe that this is a great way of making playtime even more fun without breaking the bank.

As with all dog toys, we do caution dog owners that no toy is truly indestructible, so it's always a good idea to watch your dog closely as he plays and remove any toy that shows signs of damage.

Please be advised that this toy comes in a variety of colors, so you may not always receive the exact color shown, but while we cannot guarantee the color, we can guarantee that you and your dog will love the Chuckit! Ball Launcher!

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