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Būmi® Tug Toy


Perfect for a great game of fetch or our doggie's particular favorite, tug-of-war, West Paw Design's Būmi® Tug Toy is part of the company's popular Zogoflex® collection of dog toys. It scored a "3" on the company's Durability Meter.

Made from buoyant stretchy Zogoflex® material, the company's proprietary plastic blend that is stronger than rope, this toy is designed to last and will offer your dog hours of fun.

Great for the environment, Zogoflex® material can be recycled over and over again.  Left over material from new toys, as well as material from used toys, is sanitized, ground up and turned into new bouncy, bright Zogoflex® toys.

Just like all Zogoflex® toys, Būmi® floats and is fully recyclable. Safe for dogs of all ages and sizes, it's latex-free and BPA-and-phthalate-free, and FDA compliant.

While this toy is designed to be safe and durable, West Paw Design advises that no dog toy is completely indestructible and cautions dog owners that all dogs should be supervised during play, as if ingested, pieces of the toy could cause blockage.

Available in three vibrant colors - Tangerine, Aqua Blue and Granny Smith, the Būmi® comes in the following sizes:

Small - Measures 8"

Large - Measures 9.5"

Please be sure to chose appropriate toys for your dog's age and size and make playtime safe!

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