Bully Stick - Odor-free Standard Size - 12"

Bully Stick - Odor-free Standard Cut - 12"

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10% of Profits Go to Our Rescue Partners! Based out of New York City, Zippy Dynamics™ aims to provide man's best friend with a combination of style, comfort and protection, and the company's patented line of dog clothing certainly does just that! Made from the highest quality materials, you'll definitely be impressed by Zippy Dynamics™ originality and innovation when it comes to doggie fashion!

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We are yet to meet a dog that turns their nose up at a bully stick! Not only is this a super yummy treat for your pet, but it can be incredibly helpful when it comes to keeping your dog's oral health in check. We think that any dog would be happy to receive a bully stick on his special day, regardless of his age or size!

At UKUSCAdoggie, we know how picky you are about what goes into your dogs' mouths, and quite rightly so, so we are extremely careful about the products we offer. While many people already know that bully sticks are a great option when it comes to giving your dog something to chew, it's amazing just how many people fail to consider where the bully stick they're giving their dog came from. Sadly, all bully sticks are not created equal, so be sure and check those labels.

Barkworthies' odor-free, standard cut 12" bully sticks are made from FDA certified, free-range, grass-fed cattle, so rest assured that when you choose these bully sticks, you are choosing the best. Highly digestible and a great alternative to rawhide, which should never be given to your dog, Barkworthies' 12" bully sticks are all-natural, long-lasting and perfect for medium to large sized dogs, whatever their age. Preservative and additive-free, the unique shape and consistency of the product promotes dental hygiene and, most importantly, will keep your dog's breath smelling sweet. 

To prolong the life of your dog's bully stick, and to offer your dog a truly great, interactive experience, we recommend stuffing the stick into West Paw's Qwizl


  • Tasty, all-natural, healthy chew for dogs
  • Preservative and additive-free
  • Odor-free, standard cut 12" stick
  • Great alternative to rawhide
  • Sourced from free-range, grass-fed cattle
  • Promotes good dental hygiene
  • Perfect for medium to large breed dogs